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The Country Butcher 7″ Beef Center Bone is their top seller. Most of these bones will have succulent marrow in the middle of the bone along with tasty meaty pieces left on the bone. Each of their center bones are dipped in natural liquid smoke and then slowly roasted.

They are USA natural beef femur or tibia bones with no artificial ingredients. They are best for medium to large size dogs. All Country Butcher products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

Introducing the Country Butcher Beef Center Bone, a mouthwatering treat for your furry companion! Crafted with care and packed with flavor, this 7-inch, 9 oz bone is a delightful choice for dogs of all sizes.

Made from the finest quality beef sourced from trusted local farms, this bone is a true testament to our commitment to providing wholesome and nutritious products. The Country Butcher Beef Center Bone is carefully prepared to ensure optimal taste and tenderness, making it an irresistible treat that will have your dog wagging its tail in delight.

Each bone is meticulously hand-selected to ensure a perfect size and weight, offering a satisfying chewing experience for your pet. The natural center bone is rich in essential minerals and nutrients, promoting dental health and providing a long-lasting entertainment option for your furry friend.

We take pride in producing our Country Butcher Beef Center Bone with the utmost attention to quality and safety. Our manufacturing process follows strict standards to ensure that every bone is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Your dog deserves the best, and we strive to deliver nothing less.

Beef Center Bone 7″ 9 oz Product Detail

Are you a meat lover seeking the ultimate dining experience? Look no further than our mouthwatering Beef Center Bone 7, weighing an impressive 9 ounces. Indulge in the succulent flavors and tender texture that only this premium cut can offer. Whether you’re planning a special dinner or treating yourself to a gourmet meal, this extraordinary piece of beef will undoubtedly elevate your culinary adventure.

What sets our Beef Center Bone 7 apart from the rest is its exceptional quality. Our master butchers meticulously select each piece, ensuring that only the finest beef makes its way to your plate. Sourced from trusted farms known for their commitment to raising healthy and well-cared-for animals, we prioritize both taste and ethical practices. When you choose our Beef Center Bone 7, you can rest assured that you’re making a responsible choice for your palate and the environment.

One of the highlights of the Beef Center Bone 7 is its center-cut bone. This not only adds a striking presentation to your dish but also enhances the flavors during the cooking process. The bone acts as a conductor, imparting a rich and savory taste that infuses the meat with an irresistible depth of flavor. It’s a culinary experience that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

With its generous 9-ounce size, the Beef Center Bone 7 is perfect for those looking to indulge in a substantial and satisfying meal. Whether you prefer grilling, broiling, or pan-searing, this cut is incredibly versatile and easy to cook. The marbling throughout the meat ensures a tender and juicy bite, while the perfectly balanced fat content guarantees an exceptional dining experience. Impress your guests or treat yourself to a gourmet feast with this remarkable beef cut.

We understand that flavor is of utmost importance when it comes to enjoying a piece of beef, which is why we take great pride in our meticulous aging process. The Beef Center Bone 7 is expertly dry-aged, allowing the flavors to develop and intensify over time. This results in a tender and flavorful cut that is unmatched in taste and texture. Every bite will transport you to a culinary paradise of rich, beefy goodness.

At our establishment, we believe in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Your order of Beef Center Bone 7 will be carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep, ensuring that it reaches you in pristine condition. We take every precaution to maintain the integrity and quality of the beef, so you can enjoy a truly exceptional dining experience from the comfort of your own home.

In summary, the Beef Center Bone 7 – 9 oz is a premium beef cut that promises an unforgettable dining experience. With its exceptional quality, center-cut bone, and expert aging, this is a cut above the rest. Treat yourself or impress your guests with this tender, flavorful, and responsibly sourced beef. Indulge in the extraordinary and savor the perfection of the Beef Center Bone 7. Place your order today and elevate your culinary journey to new heights.

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions8 × 2 × 2 in

10 reviews for Beef Center Bone 7″ 9 oz

  1. Gabriel

    My dog is a serious chewer and I’ve tried all sorts of bones and chews to keep her entertained. These Country Butcher Beef Center Bones are by far her favorite! They’re long-lasting, which means I don’t have to replace them as often, and they’re made with high-quality beef that she can’t resist. Plus, they’re great for keeping her teeth clean and healthy.

  2. Logan

    I was hesitant to try these bones at first because I wasn’t sure if they were safe or healthy for my dog. But after doing some research, I decided to give them a try and I’m so glad I did! They’re made with natural beef and contain no artificial colors or preservatives, which is important to me. My dog loves them and they’ve become a regular part of her diet.

  3. Eden

    I’ve tried a lot of bones for my dog, but this Country Butcher Beef Center Bone is by far the best. It’s a nice size for larger dogs and the beef flavor is irresistible to my pup. The bone lasts a long time, and I feel good about giving it to my dog because it’s made with natural ingredients.

  4. Jude

    My dog loves this beef bone! I’ve purchased other bones in the past that splintered and caused concern, but this bone is thick and sturdy. My dog has been chewing on it for days and hasn’t made a dent in it. It’s a great value for the price and I would highly recommend it.

  5. Eden

    This beef bone is a great way to keep my dog entertained for hours. He loves to chew on it and I love that it’s a natural way to clean his teeth and promote healthy chewing habits. The bone is also very clean and doesn’t leave any residue or mess behind. I’ll definitely be buying this again!

  6. Audrey

    My dog is a big chewer and has destroyed many bones in the past, but the Country Butcher Beef Center Bone has held up surprisingly well. It’s also great for his dental health, as it helps remove plaque and tartar. I love that it’s made from natural beef, and my dog seems to love the taste. Highly recommend!

  7. Orion

    These bones are a lifesaver for keeping my dog occupied and happy. The center marrow is a special treat that my pup goes crazy for, and the bone itself is sturdy enough to last for several chew sessions. Plus, it’s great for his teeth and keeps him from chewing on other household items. Overall, a great product!

  8. Willow

    I’ve been buying Country Butcher Beef Center Bones for my dog for years, and they never disappoint. They’re made from high-quality, all-natural beef and are a great way to keep my dog’s teeth healthy. He loves the taste and always gets excited when he sees me take one out of the bag. Highly recommend for any dog owner!

  9. Lily

    I highly recommend the Country Butcher Beef Center Bone for any dog that loves to chew! My pup is a powerful chewer and this bone lasted him for days. He absolutely loved it and I love that it’s made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Plus, it helped keep his teeth clean and healthy. We’ll definitely be buying more!

  10. Flynn

    My dog is very picky about his bones, but he couldn’t get enough of the Country Butcher Beef Center Bone! It’s the perfect size for him and the texture is just right for keeping his teeth clean and healthy. I appreciate that it’s made with all-natural ingredients and no added chemicals or preservatives. Highly recommend

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