Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon 4 oz

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Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon 4 oz

A perfect complement to the Wilderness foods, BLUE Salmon Wild Bits Trail Treats are packed with more of the real salmon your dog loves. A healthy, nutritious treat that starts with real meat, these meaty Bits are the perfect way to reward your four-legged friends. Nutritious and grain-free, BLUE Wild Bits contain only the finest natural ingredients and are loaded with healthy ingredients like DHA and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids. BLUE Wild Bits contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives so you can reward good behavior with a treat that’s made the way nature intended.

These delectable 4 oz bites will leave your furry companion begging for more.

Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits understands that dogs crave a taste of the wild, and that’s why they’ve created these Wild Bits with a perfect blend of natural flavors and wholesome ingredients. Each bite is packed with the savory goodness of premium salmon, providing your dog with a protein-rich snack that supports their overall health and vitality.

These Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits are not just irresistibly tasty, but also free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits believes in delivering pure, nutritious treats that you can feel good about giving to your beloved pet. Whether used as a reward during training sessions or simply as a well-deserved indulgence, these Wild Bits are sure to delight your dog’s taste buds.

The 4 oz size of the treats makes them ideal for any occasion, whether you’re on a hike, taking a road trip, or simply enjoying some quality time at home. The convenient resealable package ensures that the Wild Bits stay fresh and flavorful, ready to be enjoyed whenever your dog deserves a little something special.

Weight.7 lbs
Dimensions6 × 2 × 2 in

10 reviews for Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon 4 oz

  1. Lewis

    My dog loves these Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon treats! They are the perfect size and have a great flavor that keeps her coming back for more.

  2. Bo

    I appreciate that these treats are made with high-quality salmon and other natural ingredients. They are a great choice for any dog owner looking to provide their pet with a nutritious snack.

  3. Banks

    These treats are ideal for training or rewarding good behavior. My dog responds well to them and enjoys the taste.

  4. Roberto

    I like that these treats are free from any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It’s great to know that I am giving my dog a healthy, wholesome snack.

  5. Shawn

    The resealable packaging is a nice touch and keeps the treats fresh for longer. It’s convenient for storage and travel as well.

  6. Drew

    These Wild Bits Salmon treats are a bit pricier than some other treats on the market, but they are worth the investment for the quality and nutrition they provide.

  7. Rocco

    My dog has a sensitive stomach, but these treats don’t upset her digestion at all. It’s great to have a snack option that doesn’t cause any issues

  8. Zaiden

    The salmon flavor is very appealing to my dog, and I appreciate that it provides her with omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat.

  9. Jamison

    These treats are made in the USA, which gives me peace of mind knowing that they are produced to high safety and quality standards.

  10. Bruce

    Overall, these Blue Dog Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon treats are a great choice for any dog owner looking to give their pet a tasty and nutritious snack.

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