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BLUE Wilderness Trail Treat Salmon Biscuits are so tasty that the entire wolf pack would run for miles to get just one. The perfect crunchy treat for your meat-loving dog, Wilderness Trail Treat biscuits are made with only the finest natural ingredients like salmon, potatoes and flaxseed. Like all BLUE Wilderness foods, Wilderness Trail Treat Biscuits are 100% grain-free so your dog can enjoy a high-protein treat without any of the grains that contain gluten. Real salmon is the first ingredient and they contain no chicken or poultry by-product meals.

Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Product Detail

Introducing Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon: A Delicious and Nutritious Treat for Your Furry Friend!

Are you searching for high-quality dog treats that will satisfy your pet’s taste buds while providing essential nutrients? Look no further than Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon! Our premium dog treats are made from real salmon and carefully crafted to cater to your canine companion’s health and well-being.

At Blue Wilderness, we understand the importance of offering dogs wholesome and natural ingredients. That’s why our dog treats are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We believe in providing only the best for your furry friend, ensuring they receive the nutrition they deserve.

Canadian Tire Dog Treats: Convenient and Easily Accessible

We know that convenience matters to pet owners, which is why Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon is available at Canadian Tire stores nationwide. You can find our delicious treats easily while you shop for your other pet essentials. No need to go on an extensive search; simply head to your nearest Canadian Tire and treat your pup to something special!

Dog Treats Online Canada: Hassle-Free Ordering at Your Fingertips

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, we’ve got you covered! Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon is also available for purchase through various online platforms in Canada. With just a few clicks, you can have your dog’s favorite treats delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of ordering online while providing your pet with a delicious and nutritious snack.

Dog Treats Canada: The Perfect Choice for Your Canine Companion

When it comes to dog treats, quality matters. Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon is proudly made in Canada, using only the finest ingredients. We prioritize your pet’s health and happiness, and that is reflected in the exceptional taste and nutritional value of our treats. Treat your furry friend to the best that Canada has to offer with Blue Wilderness!

Best Bully Sticks: A Wide Range of Options for Your Dog’s Chewing Needs

In addition to our salmon treats, Blue Wilderness offers a selection of the best bully sticks in Canada. Bully sticks are a natural and satisfying chewing option for dogs, promoting dental health and providing long-lasting entertainment. Made from premium beef pizzle, our bully sticks are sourced responsibly and carefully prepared to ensure optimal quality and safety.

Yak Chews for Dogs: A Unique and Flavorful Delight

Looking for something different to surprise your furry friend? Blue Wilderness presents yak chews for dogs! These long-lasting treats are made from 100% natural yak milk and are free from artificial additives. Packed with protein and low in fat, yak chews offer a tasty and healthy option for your pup’s chewing pleasure. Treat them to a delectable experience they won’t forget!

Himalayan Yak Chews: A Natural and Nutritious Snack for Puppies

If you have a puppy, you know how important it is to find safe and suitable treats for their developing teeth. Blue Wilderness offers the best yak chews for puppies, specially designed to cater to their needs. These Himalayan yak chews are made from traditional recipes and provide a rich source of calcium and protein. Give your puppy a satisfying and wholesome chewing experience with Blue Wilderness!

Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews: The Ultimate Treat for Your Canine Companion

For an extra-special indulgence, try our yak cheese Himalayan dog chews. These unique treats are handcrafted with care and offer a blend of flavors that dogs find irresistible. Packed with essential nutrients, these chews not only satisfy your pet’s cravings but also contribute to their overall well-being. Give your loyal friend a truly exceptional treat they will adore.

Choose Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon and our wide range of dog treats and chews for an unparalleled experience of flavor, nutrition, and quality. Treat your dog like family and provide

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10 reviews for Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits 10 oz

  1. Sylas

    My dog absolutely loves these Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits! He can’t get enough of them and always comes running when he hears the bag rustle. The salmon flavor is a hit in our household and I appreciate that they are made with high-quality ingredients.

  2. Conrad

    These salmon biscuits from Blue Wilderness are great for training. They are small enough to use as a reward without overfeeding your dog. My pup responds really well to them and they have helped us make great progress in his training.

  3. Roy

    My dog has a sensitive stomach, so I’m always careful about what I give him. I was happy to find these Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits because they are free from grains and chicken, which he can’t tolerate. He hasn’t had any issues with these biscuits and I feel good about giving them to him.

  4. Ryland

    The smell of these salmon biscuits is pretty strong, but my dog goes crazy for them! They are a great treat to have on hand for when we want to reward him for good behavior or just spoil him a little bit.

  5. Santana

    I was impressed with the quality of these Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits. They are made with real salmon and other natural ingredients, which is important to me as a pet owner. Plus, my dog loves them!

  6. Lawrence

    These salmon biscuits are a bit pricey compared to some other dog treats, but I think they are worth it. They are made with high-quality ingredients and my dog really enjoys them. Plus, they last a while since they are a bit larger than some other treats.

  7. Jamir

    My dog has a sensitive palate and can be picky about what he eats. However, he absolutely loves these Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits! They are his new favorite treat and I’m happy to have found something that he enjoys so much.

  8. Drake

    I appreciate that these salmon biscuits are made in the USA and don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They are a great choice for pet owners who want to give their dogs high-quality treats without any unnecessary additives.

  9. Reece

    These Blue Wilderness Dog Salmon Biscuits are a great way to incorporate some healthy protein into my dog’s diet. They are made with real salmon and are free from fillers and by-products, so I know my dog is getting something nutritious.

  10. Zain

    These salmon biscuits are perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. They are grain-free and chicken-free, so they are a great choice for dogs with common food sensitivities. Plus, they taste great and my dog can’t get enough of them!

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