HK Dog Superfood Cod Crisps w/ Strawberry 3 oz

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The Honest Kitchen believes health starts with human grade, whole foods. Their Superfood Cod Crisps are made with Icelandic Cod and juicy strawberries – that’s it! Gently dehydrated to retain their flavor and nutrition, they’re loaded with omegas, antioxidants and pure, lean protein. Super crisp superfoods that are super tasty – especially for picky or sensitive pups.

HK Dog Superfood Cod Product Detail

Introducing HK Dog Superfood Cod: The Ultimate Treat for Your Beloved Canine Companion!

Are you looking for a nutritious and delicious treat to spoil your furry friend? Look no further than HK Dog Superfood Cod! Packed with health benefits and bursting with flavor, these dog treats are a must-have for Canadian pet owners. Whether you prefer shopping at Canadian Tire or searching for dog treats online in Canada, HK Dog Superfood Cod is the perfect choice.

What sets HK Dog Superfood Cod apart from other dog treats? Firstly, these treats are made from high-quality, premium cod. Sourced from pristine Canadian waters, the cod used in these treats is packed with essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy coat and support cognitive function. Your furry friend will not only enjoy the taste but also reap the numerous health benefits.

One of the standout features of HK Dog Superfood Cod is its versatility. These treats can be used for training, as a reward for good behavior, or simply as a way to show your pup some love. The soft and chewy texture of the cod makes it easy to break into smaller pieces, making it an ideal option for training sessions. Your dog will be eager to learn and perform when rewarded with these delectable treats!

Are you concerned about your dog’s dental health? HK Dog Superfood Cod can help with that too! The natural chewing action required to enjoy these treats helps promote dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. It’s like a toothbrush and a tasty snack rolled into one!

But what about dogs with allergies or dietary restrictions? HK Dog Superfood Cod is free from common allergens such as grains, artificial preservatives, and additives. You can rest assured that you are feeding your furry friend a treat that is not only delicious but also safe and healthy.

If you’re looking to mix things up, why not try HK Dog Superfood Yak Chews? These long-lasting, all-natural chews are made from Himalayan yak cheese and are suitable for dogs of all ages. Whether you have a teething puppy or an older dog who loves to chew, these yak chews will keep them entertained for hours. Plus, they offer dental benefits by scraping away plaque and keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

At HK Dog Superfood, we prioritize the health and happiness of your pets. That’s why we source our ingredients from trusted suppliers and ensure that every treat meets the highest quality standards. With HK Dog Superfood Cod and Yak Chews, you can give your dog a treat they’ll love while providing essential nutrients and promoting dental health.

So, whether you’re looking for the best bully sticks, bully sticks in Canada, or the finest yak chews for puppies, HK Dog Superfood has you covered. Treat your furry friend to the best and see the difference in their health and happiness! Order your HK Dog Superfood Cod treats and Yak Chews today and give your dog a treat they’ll wag their tail for!

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10 reviews for HK Dog Superfood Cod Crisps w/ Strawberry 3 oz

  1. Dakota

    My dog absolutely loves these Dog Superfood Cod Crisps with Strawberry. The combination of savory cod and sweet strawberry is irresistible to him.

  2. Warren

    I love that these crisps are made with all-natural ingredients and packed with superfoods like strawberries and sweet potatoes. They’re a healthy, nutritious treat for my pup.

  3. Nasir

    These crisps are a great size for training or snacking. They’re small enough to use frequently but big enough to be a meaningful reward.

  4. Edwin

    I appreciate that these crisps are free from any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They’re a wholesome, natural choice for my dog.

  5. Bowen

    My dog can be picky about treats, but he goes crazy for these Cod Crisps with Strawberry. They’re crunchy and delicious, and the perfect size for a quick snack.

  6. Corbin

    I highly recommend these Dog Superfood Cod Crisps with Strawberry to any dog owner who wants to give their pup a high-quality, nutritious treat that they’ll love.

  7. Sullivan

    These crisps have a unique flavor profile that really captures my dog’s attention. He’s always eager to earn one of these delicious treats.

  8. Sterling

    These Cod Crisps with Strawberry are made in the USA, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my dog is getting a safe, high-quality treat.

  9. Gianni

    These crisps are a bit pricier than some other treats on the market, but the quality and nutritional value make them worth the investment.

  10. Franklin

    These Dog Superfood Cod Crisps with Strawberry are a new favorite in my dog’s treat rotation. He can’t get enough of the savory-sweet flavor combination.

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